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What is a Sapiosexual?

A sapiosexual is someone who is attracted to intelligence or finds intelligence to be the most sexually attractive feature in a person.

They are drawn to individuals who stimulate them intellectually and engage in deep, meaningful conversations.


Physical appearance may be less important to them compared to mental compatibility and intellectual connection. Sapiosexuals typically enjoy activities that engage their intellect and stimulate their minds. Some favorite activities might include:


  1. Engaging in deep conversations or debates on various topics ranging from philosophy and science to literature and politics.

  2. Attending lectures, seminars, or workshops on subjects of interest to expand their knowledge and engage with like-minded individuals.

  3. Reading and co-writing books, articles, or essays that challenge their thinking and provide new insights or perspectives.

  4. Participating in intellectual games or puzzles that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills, such as chess, Scrabble, or trivia nights.

  5. Exploring museums, art galleries, or cultural events to appreciate and discuss works of art, history, or cultural significance.

“... Undeniably seductive read that you want to last forever.
The epitome of mind sex.”

-Crump, IL

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